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Company Overview

Resolution Software Ltd., established in 1988, specializes in the development of Xcase, a complete data modeling tool specifically adapted for today's most widely used database application environments including SQL Server, Oracle, Foxpro etc. A forerunner in recognizing the strategic importance of the proper design and maintenance of the database, Resolution has dedicated the last 16 years to the development of Xcase to assist the developer in accomplishing every database related task encompassed by the entire life cycle of the database application.

Company Mission

Resolution's mission is to provide a thorough and complete, smoothly integrated, highly customizable, database design and maintenance tool with unmatched suitability to task at unmatched prices. Resolution Software is committed to continuing the development of Xcase, adding new features and further enhancements, as well as providing support for all major databases as they evolve.

Strategic Importance of Database Design

According to Les Pinter, a specialist in development rescue, 90% of the problems he encounters originate in database design problems. The resulting loss in time and money for both the customer and the developer cannot be overestimated since any problems in the design of the database application will be magnified and propagated throughout the application. Clearly, the proper design and maintenance of the database, including the structures and the associated code, is of absolute strategic importance.

The customer is interested in accurately storing, maintaining and accessing critical information in order to efficiently manage his business and not in acquiring an application. The task of the developer is to provide an information system that allows his client to do so. Given the wide availability of increasingly automated development tools and development frameworks, the developer may concentrate on the design and maintenance of the database system which is the essence of successful database application development.

XCase: The 3rd Generation CASE Tools

While first generation CASE tools promised a great deal, they focused on the Upper CASE features of design, but failed to integrate strong Lower CASE features for the generation of tables and code. As a result, they did not address the needs of the modern developer who is often both analyst and programmer. Generic in design, first generation CASE tools were poorly adapted to specific databases. A third generation CASE tool, Xcase is an easy to use, smoothly integrated Upper CASE and Lower CASE solution specifically adapted to todays's leading databases with the highest suitability to task.

More Power in Xcase 11

  • Support for SQL Server 2016 and 2017
  • Generate quality test databases
  • Revolutionary View Design Interface
  • Supports Temporal Tables
  • Supports Instead of Triggers
  • Exports selected metadata to CSV

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