Xcase Overview

Xcase is a complete database design tool engineered to help you accomplish all your database-related tasks – from database design to modeling to daily modifications – with greater speed, higher quality, and better adherence to best practices. Its powerful automation and graphics features quickly and accurately complete tasks throughout the entire life cycle of your database, freeing you to focus on database strategy.

If you’re like most database engineers, you crave a work environment that gives you the agility and the stability you need — one that strikes the perfect balance between power and ease of use — one that makes success simple to achieve. Xcase automatically:

  • Creates high quality diagrams that document your data model and help you interactively refine the design with team members or customers
  • Generates the SQL code needed to create all the database objects, such as Tables, Indexes, Views, Triggers and Stored Procedures
  • Performs comprehensive change-impact analysis
  • Implements your modifications – and meticulously preserves existing data
At every turn, Xcase simplifies agile database engineering
  • Design
    New Databases
  • Maintain
    Your Database
  • Migrate
    Your Database
  • Manage
    Your Data
  • Draw ERD diagrams and design database structures using a sophisticated visual and intuitive interface.
  • Document your design using multiple reporting options. Xcase allows you to easily print diagrams and reports. You can add comments to the reports and include your own user defined attributes to the model.
  • Generate all the SQL code necessary to create your database automatically.
  • Reverse Engineer existing databases into presentation quality diagrams in minutes.
  • Change your model design to meet you company’s evolving IT needs or requests from clients that constantly change the database design.
  • Present clear data models at various levels of detail using visual objects, colors and embedded diagrams to organize database schemas.
  • Synchronize your model with the database using the 2-way synchronization feature. Compare a model to the actual database (or to another model) and selectively choose the changes to apply from a detailed report of all discrepancies found.
  • Generate code using a powerful automation module based on fully customizable templates. Xcase assists you in generating all the database related code including:
    • DDL Code to build and change the database structure
    • Triggers and Stored Procedures to safeguard data integrity
    • Views and Queries to extract data
  • Port database structure and data from one DBMS to another.
  • Xcase will automatically execute all the necessary transformations at the model level and recreate the data on the new target database.
  • Validate the data in your database against the business rules and constraints defined in the model and generate detailed integrity reports.
  • Access and edit the data relationally using automatic parent/child browsers and lookups.
  • Locate faulty data subsets using automatically generated SQL statements.
  • To find out for yourself, Download a trial version of Xcase and click Demo to see Xcase design and maintenance capabilities in action.

More Power in Xcase 11

  • Support for SQL Server 2016 and 2017
  • Generate quality test databases
  • Revolutionary View Design Interface
  • Supports Temporal Tables
  • Supports Instead of Triggers
  • Exports selected metadata to CSV

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