The Smart Way to Design, Model and Maintain DBs

Agile database engineering. It’s not simple. That’s why your software should be. You need an easy-to-use solution with exceptional power and automation so you can quickly and reliably design, model and maintain sophisticated databases

Xcase optimizes day-to-day efficiency for database engineers. Its highly practical automation goes deep to ease your work at all stages of the database life cycle. Why is Xcase the smart choice? It delivers excellent value with consistently rich functionality, just like packages that cost far more. And no annual support fee! Powerful? Yes! But you’ll also find Xcase refreshingly easy to learn, simple to use. Judge for yourself. View a demo or download your free trial. It’s that simple to get started.
Databases Supported
 SQL Server  Informix
 Oracle  FoxPro
 Sybase  VFP
 DB2  Interbase
 MySQL  Firebird
 PostgreSQL  MaxDB
SQL Anywhere Jet (VB and Access)
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More Power in Xcase 11

  • Support for SQL Server 2016 and 2017
  • Generate quality test databases
  • Revolutionary View Design Interface
  • Supports Temporal Tables
  • Supports Instead of Triggers
  • Exports selected metadata to CSV

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